Designed exclusively for the 17th annual art fair Artissima in Milan. A project realized with the Berlin-based architecture collective RaumlaborBerlin. I was a part of a small group developing everything from the concept and design to final construction drawings.

The large temporary structure hosts a number of spaces for each of the art disciplines investigated: dance, cinema, literature, design, urbanism and education. Walls are made out of trash material, intercepted in their route through the recycling process: crushed plastic bottles, compressed bales of advertising and packaging paper, leftover fabrics from the manufacturing process, and discarded wood from doors and discarded panels. The furniture is designed and produced from old fridges, washing machines, doors, dressers, bookshelves and chairs best for the dump. A garage is fitted with an enormous fan to distribute wind through the art fair space. The interior programmes of the House of Contamination permeate each other, by acoustic and visual interference.